What Our Clients Are Saying

In 2007 I was in Long Island New York and I would always hear a commercial on the radio for a bartending school it said to call 1-800-Bartend. I could never get it out of my head. One day I ran across the owner of 1-800-Bartend and he told me to call Joe Lenberg and I got the number 1-800-Tinting for my window tinting business. It was the best marketing decision I ever made. I’ve used the number in a few different marketing areas and its great. People driving in their car see the number 1-800-Tinting on my truck and they don’t even need to right it down. I’ve had people call me who remembered seeing me in traffic a year prior to calling me for tinting jobs; and past customers just tell their friends to call 1-800-Tinting for window tint. It’s helped boost my revenue by far. Thanks Joe.

Kevin Boles, owner
Window Tinting
South Carolina

“We’ve had 1- 800-COLD AIR for many years and also recently licensed 1-888-COLD AIR from Tele-Name… we use both numbers to give customers something easy to remember and always advertise them in every commercial we do. We love it because when somebody’s AC does break they may not remember our name but they remember 1-888-COLD AIR. It’s top of mind awareness.”

Keith Walker, COO, Conditioned Air Corporation of Naples

Because my store, Tessuto Menswear, is located on Main street in Sommerville, I wanted to try to take advantage of the high traffic area by making it simple for people to call me without having to write my number down. In 2004 I dialed 1-800-Menswear and spoke with the CEO of Telename Dave Ashley and found that I could own the rights to 1-800-Menswear for all of NJ. I locked it up 6 years ago, immediately put the number on my awning facing the street, on our postcard mailers and all newspaper or magazine ads. We began getting calls in about a month and within 2 years the number alone led me to open a second business of a full service tailor shop because it seemed that everyone knew the number 1-800-Menswear. I’ve since added the number for NYC as well.

Ernst Michel
Tessuto Menswear
Sommerville NJ

The purpose of this is to tell you how pleased we are with our vanity toll free number 888-BARGAIN. We are an extreme-value grocery company with 130+ locations. Our last number was difficult to identify with our brand. Having 888-BARGAIN keeps our value proposition top-of-mind for our customers and potential customers. Over time, it cements the identification of our brand with low prices, so when our customers are thinking about where to {get} the week’s groceries without breaking the bank, we immediately come to mind.

It’s also very easy to remember, which is a huge plus if a customer is on th ego and doesn’t have the time or inclination to look us up. They can dial, instantly connect, find their closest store, and go there.

We’ve used our toll free number extensively, across print advertising, billboards, broadcast media, on our website and in social media. Please see our attached examples to see how Grocery Outlet has leveraged our vanity toll free number.

We highly recommend acquiring a vanity toll free number from Tele-Name. Their service has been attentive and efficient, and they went above and beyond with great custom programming for us at a very reasonable price. Our vanity toll free number has already helped grow sales and awareness of our brand and we are very satisfied with it and with Tele-Name.

Melissa Porter
VP of Marketing
Grocery Outlet inc.

The 1-800-SHREDDING toll-free number has proven over and over to be a very useful tool in our marketing tool kit. We have been able to build our business over time utilizing the easy-to-remember vanity format with its ability to give our company instant credibility and overall marketability in our advertising campaigns. If it's a strong foundation to your company's marketing strategy that you are looking for, then a vanity number is your ultimate solution.

Tino Fluckiger, President/CEO
1800-Shredding Inc.

With number recognition, we began noticing a month-over-month increase in calls… the
1-800-SHREDDING number was very easy for the customer to remember, especially with vehicles moving by. It was a strategic move to own our marketing area.

David Sylvester, General Manager
The DocuTeam
We placed our Tele-Name 1-800-IMPORTS number in all of our ads and on the front of our
building for drive-by viewing. This type of exposure has promoted an average of 75 calls per month from mostly new customers. Thanks, Tele-Name!

Edward Nemphos, President,
Brentwood Automotive
Due to the tremendous amount of calls we have been receiving we are now known as 1-800-DAY CAMP instead of Young People’s Day Camps… thank you for your help and assistance in making Young People’s Day Camps the largest private day camp provider in the United States.

Howard Glauber, President,
Young People’s Day Camps
New York NY
Our Tele-Name 800 number, 1-800-4-SIDING… gives us quick identity and easy of contact by our potential clients. We use this number in virtually all of our marketing efforts…to establish our ‘identity’ in the marketplace.

Reed Campbell / Director, Adv. & Mktg.
Amazing Siding Corp

"I wanted to tell you our 1-800-BARTEND number has become a very effective marketing tool for all of our locations. We use it on an assortment of radio jingles and scripts to billboard and print media. In fact, we use it so often, that everyone refers to us as the '1-800-BARTEND' school."

Chris W. Bear
Texas School Of Bartending
March 1, 1999

"800-AUTO-RENT and 800-TRUCK-RENT are terrific merchandising tools, and after several years of use, I would credit them for much of the continuing increase in our business. Not only have we found that the numbers stay in the memories of our customers (and we think they are thus less likely to look for a competitor's number), but, regardless of the media we use, I believe we draw business from further out then we otherwise would of.Here, from the trenches, we thought you'd like to have the good word!"

Howard Kirmsse'
Landsing Inc.
Cherry Hill Rent-A-Wreck
Nov. 10, 1998

"We are a new Laser Vision Correction Center located in the heart of Buckhead- Atlanta. We use 1-800-EYESIGHT on our billboards, brochures, website and most importantly our radio and television commercials. It is easy to remember and we believe it to be one of the main reasons our Center has had such a fabulous response."

Dennis Matzkin, M.D.
Eyesight Laser Center
Buckhead-Atlanta GA
Nov. 22, 2000

"Since adopting the name 1-800-Phone Guys our business has increased 64% and we've only just begun to really advertise the number."

Wayne A. Mello
CEO & President
Nov. 2001

"1-800-BARTEND is the BEST phone number for a bartending school. I would not own a school in an area where I could not use the 1-800-BARTEND number. Our school has also benefited because the number is known by the public nationwide as so many schools promote it coast -to-coast."

Professional Bartending School of Atlanta
Johnnie W. Munda
Nov. 22 2000

"We have been using your company's services for several years now and have been very pleased with both the results of the vanity toll-free number ( 1-800-SKIN CARE ) and the professional, prompt and reasonable services of your company. I would strongly recommend Tele-Name for any company that wants to increase revenue by offering prospective clients an easy-to-remember telephone number. "

European Skin Care Institute and Spa Therapy
Alexander von Illyes, J.D.
January 20, 2001

"As competitive as business is these days we are always looking for that EDGE. Tele-Name has provided that EDGE for us. We use 1-800-Auto Rent and 1-888-Showroom in all of our advertising. Yellow Pages, newspapers, radio, hotel brochures.it works everywhere!"

Ralph Diekemper
Francis For Fords
Jan. 8, 1999

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your service during the two years we have had the 1-800-BARTEND calls for Dallas/Ft. Worth. The number has been very effective with our jingle on TV and radio ads; but your service has been the exceptional part of the arrangement. Thanks."

Crystal Hackling, M.A.
AIMS ACADEMY of Bartending
Feb. 11 1999

I am the the proud owner of Tele-Name's 1-800-WHEELCHAIR vanity number.

Last year I was having dinner in the West Village of Manhattan. Next to us were these two middle aged women eating dinner. I struck up a conversation with one of the women, Linda, who is a concert pianist, and told her I owned a medical supply company and its called 1-800-WHEELCHAIR . We finished eating, said good-bye and went our own ways.

Five months later I get a phone call at my office from Linda, telling me her mother was in need of a wheelchair and she called me because she remembered my number from our conversation almost ½ year ago. As it turns out bought a piano earlier in the week and was in need of piano lessons - we decided to trade a motorized wheelchair for some lessons. This would of never happened if I didn't have Tele-Name's 1-800-WHEELCHAIR number.

Joseph Piekarski

"The International Bartending School uses the 1-800-Bartend number for the surrounding 6 area codes which are important to our market. We would like your organization as well as any future clients to know that we have had much success because 1-800-Bartend is such an easy # to remember. Our first year using the number we attributed an additional $35,000 in income as a result of using the number. Thank you."

Elizabeth Johnson Slack
International Bartending School
Sept 25, 1996

"We do a great deal of radio and television as well as print advertising. Your 1-800-BARTEND number is featured in all of our ads. We have built up tremendous recognition with the 1-800-BARTEND number. It's use has given us a decided advantage over our competition."

John Pfifer
The Bartending College