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What services does Tele-Name Communications provide?

#1 First and foremost, we provide you with a low-cost, memorable, toll-free vanity phone number that S-P-E-L-L-S out what you do. With our state-of-the-art routing technology, we can program the vanity number so you exclusively receive calls from the exact market area you choose. The market area is selected by you and is based on the area codes you wish to receive business.

#2 Consulting and assistance with the best methods for using your toll-free vanity number in sales and marketing efforts so that you receive more calls from fewer advertising dollars. This includes access to one of the best radio commercial writers in the nation, who is part of the Tele-Name team.

#3 Create a national network of 100-150 industry-specific businesses all promoting the same vanity number, your number.

#4 Provide you with call detail reports (PDF) that show the time, date and length of each call, along with the caller’s telephone number, city and state. This allows you to track the results of your advertising.

You said exclusively, how does a business know for sure they are getting all the calls that originate within its market area?

The technology requires it. The area codes located within your proprietary market area are exclusively yours, and all calls originating from there will automatically go to you.

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So the calls to the vanity number, from within my market, ring directly to me right on my current phone line? I don’t need a new line or any equipment?

That is correct, and the routing of the call is invisible to the caller. They dial the vanity number in response to your advertising; you answer. It’s that simple.

What if I have two or three locations in a single market?

You can choose to have calls to the vanity number ring to the location closest to the caller or have all calls ring to a single location. Your choice; you can even choose to have the number ring to a cell phone.

Some of the vanity numbers you have listed have more then 7 letters?

Only the first seven digits register. It doesn’t matter if the caller dials the extra digit(s) or not. You still receive the call. Chrysler uses 1-800-Jeep Eagle, which has two extra letters.

I already get pretty good results from my ads and word of mouth referrals. Plus, why would I want to pay for a call from someone calling me locally when they could just dial my current number at no cost to me?

If you’re already advertising on the air, in print or the yellow pages, or on your vehicles, and you aren’t using a vanity telephone number, you aren’t “creating a brand”. You’ve insisted potential customers call you immediately, or that they write your number down for future use, which just isn’t practical in today’s 30-second sound-bite society.

Local customers still have to rummage through all your competitors ads when “looking you up” in the yellow pages to call your local number. Isn’t it logical to pay 10, 20 or 30 cents for the call to be certain you made it simple for them to call you first?

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I can save the monthly fee by getting a numeric 866/877 or a hybrid toll-free such as 866-394-Print from my phone company, why pay more for 1-800-Printing?

Studies show that using a strong and easily memorized vanity toll free number can increase your advertising effectiveness by 300% and boost your overall business sales by 30% to 200%. A specific 1999 study proved that radio ads with a vanity 800 number drew 14 times more calls then those with a numeric 800 number. Our monthly fees will easily be recouped by your reduction in advertising costs and the increase business you will experience. We guarantee it.

As a member, may I incorporate my new vanity number within all of my advertising provided it’s within my market area?

Yes. It’s encouraged. We’ll even help you with marketing ideas to get the most out of your number. Advertising that you’ve tried in the past, such as Val-Pak Coupons, will work significantly better when using a vanity number.

How many members will each marketing number have across the nation?

Because each member has an exclusive market area, each program only has room for approximately 100-150 members. Just to give you an idea, there are 39,442 retail tire stores in the US, and 55,454 printers, only about 100-150 of these will be fortunate to be advertising with 1-800-Tire Store and 1-800-Printing.

Okay, you’ve convinced me I could benefit from the incorporation of a memorable vanity number in my advertising. What are some inexpensive ways your current members promote their Tele-Name numbers to get the most out of them?

They start by unleashing their imagination to the fullest extent possible. In addition to the staple advertising; which includes vehicle signage, television, radio, print, direct mail, door hangers, yellow pages, billboards, etc., a small business owner might sponsor a Little League ball team or advertise on a billboard at his daughters softball park, or put a billboard on a main highway into town “When Pottersville needs insurance, they just dial 1-800-INSURANCE.” -, or fly a banner over a crowded beach on a Labor Day weekend, or buy ad space before the previews at a local movie theatre, or a booth at a local fair, or join in a local co-op ad with the members in the neighboring market areas and divide the cost of the ads by three or more. The goal is that once the conscious mind focuses upon and processes your memorable number, which only takes a second, a memory reference has been established, linking directly to you.

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What are the costs?

Monthly fees begin as low as $49 but could range higher based on the marketing program and the number of area codes within your market area. Call or email us with the number and area in which you are interested becoming the exclusive owner and we’ll get you the exact price. (The $100 start-up fee is always waived for clients who have found us using the web site.) The only other cost is the per-minute charge for the calls you receive. They are billed at 11.9 9.9 7.9 cents per minute.

Any discounts for members who select multiple area codes for their market area?

We offer a 20% discount to any member who signs up for six or more area codes for a single vanity number program.

How long is the agreement? Can I ever be cancelled or lose the number? Also, how am I protected from future monthly fee increases?

It is a six-month agreement that automatically renews unless YOU cancel it. We can never cancel you unless you stop paying your bill. So it is your number to keep for as long as you want. You are contractually protected that your monthly fee will not increase during the first two years, and after that no increase can ever be more than 8% a year.

When I sell my business can I transfer the rights I have in the number to the buyer?

Absolutely! The number, and the branding you have created with it, actually becomes an asset of your business - actual equity that you will want to sell along with the rest of your company. The more you advertise the number, the more equity you will have in the number.

I’m ready to get started. What do I have to do to lock up the vanity number I am interested in?

Great choice! But first we’ll need some basic information such as company name and address, the number you want and where you want it to ring to, your fax number, your name and position in the company, etc. You can either fill out the short information form and email it to us, or simply call one of our Vanity Number Specialist at 1-800-TEL NAME ext. 1. We will complete and fax you the agreement. Once the agreement is signed, 10 minutes later the number will be activated for your area code(s) and you’ll be ready to begin making your advertising better then it has ever been before. Your first invoice won’t arrive until the 15th of next month.

Welcome to the Tele-Name family! We are certain that you will find your vanity number an effective addition to your marketing efforts.

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